Title: Hogwarts missing bushweed!
Date: August 02, 2011
Cast: Anastasia De Vine
Genre: Bed, Bedroom, Big tits, Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Curvy ass, Czech, G-string, Glass Dildo, Gloves, Hairy Pussy, HDV, High Heels, Indoor, Light skin, Lingerie, Long hair, Masturbation, Medium ass, Natural tits, Orgasm, Pink, Pussy insertion, Sex Toys, Slim, Solo, Stockings
Desc: Hogwarts missing bushweed!
Hairy's got a new apprentice to the team of twatters! Welcome Anastasia, an ultra horny buxom blonde from the Czech republic with a bushy brown haired twat that's aching for her twirling fingers! Enjoy this magical scene as she spreads eagle and shows you a hot nest of little curly's just waitin to be penetrated with a certain glass rod! By golly, it looks like one of hogwarts magic wands! It isn't going anywhere, anytime soon as Anastasia pumps it in and out of her eager beaver. Doggy style delight and the wand hits it just right as she creams all over its twat tweakin powers!
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