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Thread: Sweat Fetish and Dominance

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    k2sh Sweat Fetish and Dominance

    Alura Jenson
    "TNT" vs "Iron Balls"

    Alura TNT Jenson is back and packing some power. She is fully recovered from her health scare from earlier this year and you can see the change in her performance. She's a tall strong amazon taking on a tiny little man who deserves to get kicked and punched in the balls whenever he's on the bottom. This match we are putting Anal on the line. Who ever wins gets the fuck the loser in the ass. This match displays a true amazon woman using her power and sex appeal to dominate a male on the mat unless that man can make her cum in round 3.

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    Bella Rossi
    "Gorilla Screw" vs "The Hammer"

    Bella Rossi has a good win streak. Thor Johnson is currently undefeated. These two gorgeous natural redheads put everything on the line in this sex fight. Their strong bodies move well together in this sex fight. Thor is much bigger than Bella but Bella is such an aggressive sexual gladiator that this match makes for some very entertaining and athletic moments. The wrestling is great, the sexual energy is incredible and the prize round is dominant and arousing.

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    London River
    "The Spider" vs "The Initiator"

    Today London is taking on a Professional fighter named Kilo White. Kilo has an amazing athletic body and he has a lot of wrestling skill however, he is unfamiliar with sex fighting rules and how to perve out in a fight. He keeps things a little too Professional while London, on the other hand, keeps things pervy and sensual. After Kilo figure out what he is doing wrong, he adjusts his game and attempts to take the lead. Will London win the sex fight with her ability to attack Kilo's dick and sexually dominate him? Or will Kilo adjust his game and end up taking it. No spoilers! This match does the distance. The winner face fucks the loser, makes the loser cum and then leaves the loser on the mats in a puddle of shame.

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    "The Valkyrie" vs "Vanderkill"

    What can we say about this match that hasn't already been said about a great fight? Mistress Kara is back and more terrifying than ever. She saw how Hanz abused his first victim, Sofie Marie. Kara wants Hanz to pick on someone his own size but he stands 6'1 180 lbs and we just don't have any females that size yet so he's going to have to pick on someone who is smaller but just down right better than he is. Kara is relentless in this match. She demonstrates what a real Valkyrie does; utter domination of men. Hanz really doesn't stand a chance in a sex fight. Kara puts him in his place over and over again. In round 3, Hanz knows he's gotta go for that orgams on the mat for the "W" otherwise he's going to be licking Kara's ass all night. The prize round is a display of utter domination as it should be after a battle of this proportion. The Winner makes the loser worship every inch of their body. Feet, asshole, hairy armpits... if it will humiliate the loser, the winner does it! The loser is put in to submission hold after submission hold, made to tap out over and over again just to rub in the lose.

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    Nikki Sequoia
    "The Animal" vs "The Punisher"

    We have two newcomers today and it does not disappoint. These two admit they have never wrestled before but you would never know that from watching this video. These two basically just wanna fuck and they use the wrestling as foreplay, which is essentially what wrestling is to be honest. Both wrestlers are able to get on top and fuck with penetration so this match is very very close up until round 3. We get a bonafide orgasm on the mat with an instant victory and the orgasm inflictor gets to rail the loser before the prize round. After fucking for basically the entire third round, The loser is exhausted. The winner fucks the loser and squirts all over the loser's face then looks at the camera and challenges us to bring the winner fresh meat who can stand a chance against them.

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    Penny Barber
    "Mother" vs "The Snake"

    Everyone's favorite Mother is back on the mats. A real authentic MILF with supple breasts and a mouth that would make a sailor blush, Penny Barber is here today to squash a little man. Sam Solo is pretty p1ssed off after his last loss. He works extensively with Penny Barber and vows to beat her and put her in her place for all the embarrassment she has put him through. Sam has been watching Penny's moves and taking notes. He knows she has a history of having orgasms on the Mats so he's hoping this will happen in round 3 so he can get is Instant victory. Penny Barber doesn't mess around in this match. Take a look at their arm wrestling match once it uploads. You see Penny resort to cheating by spitting into Sam's eyes to distract him from arm wrestling! She wants to win at all costs and as the adage goes " If you're not cheating, you're not trying". Penny shows no honor in this match. She pounces on Sam and gets him to tap over and over again in the first round. In the penalty she makes him take her fingers in his ass even though he appears to be reluctant to them... but in they go, grinding away at his pure little ass. Sam is smart and has a good strategy? Will it work?

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    Anastasia Rose
    "The Warrior" vs "The Thorn"

    Anastasia Rose is an athletic all natural female looking to show off her fitness by kicking poor Jason Michaels ass. Jason Michaels has felt defeat before and he really really didn't like it. He has vowed to never lose again. Jason has taken to working on his sex fighting by gaining great oral sex skills. Anastasia has showed up horny and needing to cum and she had picked the wrong day to be so horny. This match ends with an orgasm on the mat, one wrestler cums and becomes useless. The winner fucks the loser's ass to run in the humiliation.

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    Tori Avano
    "The Panda" vs "The Legend"

    This guy Oliver Davis is surely living up to his wrestling name "The Legend". While he seems like a quiet, shy guy, he's a bonafide badass. Tori Avano isn't too shabby herself. She has a victory in Mixed wrestling and she's been training MMA in order to develop some skills for control so she can work her sexual magic. If you recall, a few months back, Oliver took on one of our toughest sex fighters, Daisy Ducati and he decimated her and took her ass for a prize. Today, Mr. Davis wants some more ass and he's aiming his dick right at Tori's pretty little butt hole. Tori hates losing. She wants to put another W on her record and she's willing to do what ever it takes. Even if it means taking a beating for 2 full rounds until she has her opponent worked up with the wrestling foreplay that he is ready to pop his load by round 3. Sometimes this sacrifice strategy is the best thing someone can do when they are clearly outclassed in wrestling. These two go all out in round 3 and someone wants it really really badly. In round 4 someone's ass is getting fucked and someone gets fucked silly and left on the mats like common trash.

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    Crystal Rush
    "The Stallion" vs "Rush"

    Brad Sterling is a tall dark handsome stud. He trains regularly and his body shows it. Crystal Rush is a beautiful athletic Russian who use to wrestle with boys in school. She has never done a competitive fight but she has been know to beat up on boys (and girls) in street fights. She's a natural born athlete and the way she moves on the mats shows she has some skill. Brad is easily able to over power this little thing in wrestling. It's almost not fair to put these two together just based on the size difference but that's only if you don't know what a sexual deviant Crystal Rush is. This girl is constantly going for Brad's dick. She tugs it sucks it and edges poor Brad until he's close to popping. As always, orgasms on the mat are an instant victory in round 3 so Crystal Rush may just be able to walk away with a W if she keeps up those BJ skills. Winner dominates the loser with choke fucking and acrobatic athletic fucking.

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    Carmen Valentina
    "Booty Drop" vs "The Choke Fucker"

    Lance Hart is on a mission to choke and fuck any girl who dare step up to him on the mats. After his humiliating loss to Cheyenne Jewel, he has vowed never to let a woman beat him again. Too bad for him then because Carmen Valentina is a bonafide bad ass grappler. Carmine has some training in the art of brazilian jiu jitsu and she quickly shows off her skills in the first minute by locking in a guillotine then transitioning to a triangle. This girl has mad skills but she is also so so so much smaller than this greek god Lance Hart. The energy between these two is electric. It's like watching a couple grudge fuck, they both LOVE to despise each other. One wrestler is able to dominate just a little longer during the match so they walk away with the victory. The Loser must lick the sweaty asshole of the winner. The loser is fucked good and hard . The loser fucked so good they like it but they cannot stand liking it... there's nothing worse than fucking someone who beat you and then loving how good they fuck you.

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    Riley Daniels
    "Twinkle Toes" vs "Renegade"

    Please give a warm welcome to "Renegade" Riley Daniels. She's a cute and feisty things from the midwest who has come to our mats thinking our wrestling is fake or scripted and boy oh boy is she in for a surprise. Will Havoc has good days and bad days on our mats, Sometimes he wins and sometimes he loses and he's feeling more dominate these days and really really doesn't want to get butt fucked by a rookie today. Riley Daniels probably couldn't wrestler herself out of a paper bag. Will Havoc literally puts his Chi out on her which make her fly across the room like a Saiyan just blasted her. It's hilarious and quite humiliating for this youngster. The one thing that Riley can do is suck dick and the moment she gets pinned and face fucked she goes to town on Will. Will Also has a weakness for BJs so this may be an issue in round 3 when orgasm on the mat are instant victories. The Winner is announced and decides that they do not want the loser getting too sassy in the prize round so the winner ties up the loser, edges them for a long long time and finally after all the build up, Will's dick is drained with a creampie ending.

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    Charlotte Sartre
    "The Toilet" vs "Iron Balls"

    The Men sure have been on a good winning streak so far. We've had a few newcomers on the male roster who have really put a pounding to the women. Now we return to familiar faces. Jay West has yet to win a match but not for lack of trying. He puts everything he's got into his matches but somehow he just hasn't been able to get his "W". Maybe that's because we always throw amazon women at his tiny white ass. Today we put him against a woman smaller than he is and if he loses we know he just fucking sucks and should be fucked in the ass and humiliated for being such a terrible wrestler. Charlotte Sartre, is a tenacious Goth girl. He's beaten bigger men before so in theory, she shouldn't have a problem with Jay West. We see right from the get go Mr Jay West is sick of losing. He's getting take downs, he's taking the back... he's going for gold today. Charlotte Sartre is shocked by the energy Jay is putting into this. These two seem to counter everything to give each other. The first 2 rounds are draws with 10-10 on both rounds. It all comes down to round 3. Who ever wins this round wins the match and both wrestlers know this and give it their all.

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    Riley Reyes
    "Steel Stringbean" vs "The Reaper"

    Chad Diamond has been training hard for his matches. He never wants to lose again. He thinks he's going to have an easy day with a girl who is new here. Please welcome, Riley Reyes to the roster. She is a brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt and she has some tricks up her sleeves however, this is nude sex fighting so there are no sleeves. Riley loves rolling around with me, She loves being choked and she loves testing her strength. She wants to dominate this man so badly and she gets an opportunity when the submissions start coming. We get penalties for the submissions and each wrestler must lay down and take the sexual punishment. This match is an exciting power exchange between two skilled sex fighters. It's bitterly close but only one can be the winner. The winner choke fucks the loser and makes the loser cum. This prize round ends with a creampie!

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:47:12 ` 1100 Mb

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    Victoria Voxxx
    "The Legend" vs "Venom"

    Oliver Davis has been an extremely dominate male wrestler. He's currently undfeated and boasts victories over great female wrestling like Daisy Ducati. Today may be his undoing. Victoria Voxxx is arguably the greatest sex fighter of all time. She puts voodoo on her opponents with her sexual energy and today is no different. Rounds 1 and 2 are tied rounds. Victoria constantly grabs dicks, kisses, licks, grabs, groaps while Oliver controls her with his power and skill. Round 3 will determine the winner of this fight and it's clear neither of these sexual gladiators want to lose. Sweat is glistening, boners and pussys are ready to fuck. The wrestling part of this match up is clearly just foreplay for these two. One wrestler take the match by a single point. The winner fucks the loser, flexes on the loser, makes the loser woship muscles and lick sweat. This match will go down in history as one of the greatest sex fights of all time.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:38:33 ` 929 Mb

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    Brandi Mae
    "The Warden" vs "The Boulder"

    Jack Friday has been the most dominant male on the mats due to his victory over some of our TOP female athletes. His victories over the likes of Mistress Kara and Dee Williams put him in a class of his own. Today he's taking on muscle babe, Brandi Mae. Jack isn't use to wrestling with bodies as tight and compact as Brandi Mae's. She's solid muscle, with thighs so strong she can break a finger if it get's too close to her pussy. Jack puts some work in on Brandi. He spreads her legs wide open and makes her cum against her will in round 1. Thank god the orgasms don't count for an instant victory until round 3 otherwise this match would have been cut very short. With the Orgasm out of the way, Brandi has found a second win and her muscles are pumped and ready to fuck this guy up. The winner bends the loser over and has their way with the loser. Muscle on muscle never looked so good.

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    Lily Lane
    "Freakenstien" vs "Lightspeed"

    Lily "lightspeed" Lane is living up to her name. This tiny thing is FAST and can easily run circles around this strong black man. Will Tile is an experienced grappler and former soldier. He's seen his share of fast things. Will Tile prefers to be a gentleman for his matches. He knows hes bigger stronger and has superior skills to those of most of his opponents and he has NOTHING to prove. He moves slowly with grace which allows his dick time to get hard and pump up for a good ole fashion penetration on the mats. Lily Lane is one hell of a tease. She uses verbal humiliation to taunt and egg-on her strong male opponent. Her mouth is her greatest asset for many reasons. She talks the talk and sucks the suck. Her dick sucking is so good she does put Will in trouble from time to time. This match ends with some real athletic fucking. Lift and carries, stand fucking, Olympian style cock sucking and some sexual energy so intense and fun we already know we are going to get a onslot of fans emailing us begging us to take part in our matches. Sorry gang we can only take professionals.

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    Kaiia Eve
    "The Booby Hunter" vs "Iron Balls"

    Jay West is feeling really confident coming in to this match now that he has had his first victory against Charlotte Sartre. Jay seems the think he can man handle petite tatted out girls and today he gets to test himself against another petite tatted out model. Please welcome Kaiia Eve. She's a cute Blond babe with a natural feminine body that is accented with beautiful tattoo art. She's also a sassy brat who will crush your balls if you aren't fast enough. Jay West finds out very quickly that his dick and balls are going to be in constant jeopardy. Kaiia Eve is merciless with Jay's Iron Balls. She knees them, punches them, grabs them, twists them. She does extreme CBT that only Jay West could handle. However, even with all that CBT, Jay still keeps his head in the game. This match is close and goes to decision. The Winner fucks the loser's ass and drains them by making them cum hard. Winner does verbal humiliation and uses the loser for their pleasure to get their own winner orgasm out.

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    Tori Avano
    "Notorious" vs "The Panda"

    Mr. Cody Carter is a rookie as of right now. He is taking on one of our favorites, The Panda, Tori Avano. Tori is really going to need to change her name to "the sexual gladiator". She is constantly sucking cock and stroking dick in the wrestling matches. She is a bonafide sex goddess. When she knows she's in trouble, she does what she knows best and that means she's tugging dick all day long. This beautiful sex fighter is able to get 2 tied rounds with this formally trained wrestler. Cody Carter is from Ohio, the home state of the greatest wrestlers ever born. Cody has been wrestling since he's been wearing diapers. He's very confident he will win in a wrestling match... he's not so sure what will happen in a sex fight once blowjobs and pussy eating becomes part of the arsenal. This is a very intense close fight. One thing for sure, we are going to need a rematch after this one. As usual, the loser gets fucked by the winner but this time because the match is so close, the loser is bitter and refuses to lay down and take it. The loser tops from the bottom and both cum HARD.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:45:14 ` 1060 Mb

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    Dakota Marr
    "Twinkle Toes" vs "Unicorn Sprinkle"

    Will Havoc has good days and bad days here on the mats. He has his share of victories as well has his share of losses. He's taking on a Rookie today. A tiny little thing from Nebraska who has never wrestled a day in her life. Please welcome Dakota Marr. Now I know that by looking at Dakota, and knowing that her wrestling name is "Unicorn Sprinkles" you're thinking she's got nothing for Will Havoc. Dakota nearly gasses herself out in round 1. She comes out hard and with little reward. Will is able to deflect her and throw her around like a little rag doll. The size and skill disadvantage that Dakota has does nothing to deter her. She keeps coming at Will as if she were an amazon warrior. She wears him down and eventually, and this is fucking crazy, she gets a tied match at the end of 3 rounds of wrestling. This match ends up going to a tiebreaker sex fight. These two are given 20 minutes to make each other cum. The only rule really being that all sexual things must be mutual and simultaneous so that no one has a disadvantage. That allows for penis in vagina sex, and 69 oral. This is just crazy, the outcome is completely unpredictable and unprecedented.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:47:04 ` 1100 Mb

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    Arielle Aquinas
    "Steel Stringbean" vs "The Reverend"

    Arielle Aquinas is Back and has more fire than ever. She didn't quite understand in her first match that we WANT women to win. She was having a subby day that day and she wanted to be dominated by her first male opponent, Rick Fantana. Today, Subby Arielle is long gone, she's in the mood to fuck some poor guy's asshole... enter poor guy's asshole... Chad Diamond is one of the fan favorites. He has a few losses on his record which makes for exciting matches for the fans because history has shown he has a chance of possibly losing. Today there's another good chance he may lose. Arielle comes at Chad like a bat out of hell. She is on a mission and that mission will require her to take down Chad Diamond and fuck her ass... but first, she needs to win. Chad has been upping his game in the meantime. This guy has started training regularly and has honed his skills very well. This match is an outstanding sex fight. Arielle is constantly grabbing cock and working the sex points she even has some legit counters for Chad. She's able to get him in leg scissors and really put him in trouble but most importantly she perves out on him like no other female has done before.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:41:48 ` 980 Mb

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    Joslyn Jane
    "Freakenstien" vs "The Officer"

    No more Mr Nice guy! Will Tile has mastered how to be a strong dominant man in our venue. He use to let females get moves on him, he USE to give them a false sense of accomplishment by allowing them to get moves on him. He just didn't have the heart to win sometimes. So looking at his record and how big and strong he is one would think "how the fuck did this guy lose a match and get a draw on a match". Now Will Tile says goodbye to mr nice guy. He's in it to win it. Today however, he's taking on a Tall Blond, All Natural MILF athlete. Miss Joslyn is a former collegiate athlete and she has a presence when she walks into any room. She's a beautiful tomboy type with a soft side... basically, the perfect woman. She hasn't wrestled before but she's horny and wants the BBC so she is willing to do whatever it takes to get the W and have Will Tile handcuffed and fucked. But first... she needs to win. She is able to get on top a lot and control Mr. Tile for a bit... is it enough. This fight goes to decision. Winner is fucked and drained of orgasms. This match ends in creampie.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:43:41 ` 1020 Mb

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    "Brutal Booty" vs "Mad Dog"

    Today we Bring in a new wrestler. Please welcome the All Natural BBW, Mimosa. She's a Tall, strong voluptuous babe ready to face smash men with her big brutal booty. Her first victim on our mats is Marcelo. The Brazilian "mad dog" who is trying to get his first W here by taking out this Big, Tall, Stunning Lady. Marcelo has a good start he wins the first half of the match. He's showing some improvement from his first couple of matches. Mimosa has a weapon however, and it just doesn't seem fair. At over 200lbs Mimosa possesses one of the greatest Asses for smothering in the business. Her ass envelopes Marcelo's face and within seconds he is smothered and taps out. If he loses he knows he's going to get spanked, Ass fucked, an sissified. His dick will be made useless and Mimosa will use her big beautiful ass to smother his over and over... simply put, Marcelo MUST win today or he may take his last breath under the ass and pussy of the Voluminous Athlete, Mimosa.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:43:41 ` 1020 Mb

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    Riley Reyes
    "The Legend" vs "The Reaper"

    Oliver Davis is making a name for himself. His wrestling skill is second to no one and he owns his opponents in all his prize rounds. This man is a bonafide badass and yet is still a gentleman in victory. Today, Riley Reyes (a blue belt in BJJ) thinks it's her chance to ruin Oliver's spotless record. Riley has been training for this style of match for some time now. She is disciplined in Martial Arts so she needs to learn how to perve out on her opponents DURING the wrestling. These two both want the victory so badly that they often times forget this is a sex fight and count mostly on their martial arts backgrounds. Both of these sexual gladiators have martial arts experience and this is on full display for this match. It is back and forth action which makes for a nail biter. The winner BARELY wins but a win is a win. It doesn't matter if you win by 1 pt or 100 pts (not possible to win by that much but you get where we are going with this) a win is a win. If you lose, you're fucked... literally. The winner takes great pleasure in the victory. Winner takes their time making the loser give them oral pleasure for a long long time.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:42:13 ` 990 Mb

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    Tori Avano
    "The Snake" vs "The Panda"

    We bring the jungle to the mats today. "The Snake", Sam Solo want to wrap up and constrict "The Panda" Tori Avano is this competitive sex fight. Mr. Sam Solo is tired of being walked all over. He's gone out and done some training which become very clear in round 1 when he dominates the panda. The Panda hasn't had the best luck on the mats. We keep throwing big strong skilled men at here. Today we give her a less experienced opponent, so she can pick on someone her own size.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:41:51 ` 980 Mb

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    Penny Barber
    "Mother" vs "Freakenstien"

    This video is SFW, no nudity, no sex, COVID-19 has closed production down for months but we are finding ways to bring you mixed wrestling content from our custom order vault. Today, Will Tile has come to the wrong gym at the wrong time. Will waltzes into the gym while Jolene Hexxx and Penny Barber are getting ready for a work out. He challenges each girl to a tag match 2 girls v 1 guy. When he can't beat the girls 2 vs 1 he tries taking them on 1 on 1, first in tight pants then while the girls are wearing booty shorts. Will does pretty good on the 1 vs 1 with the females but once we put both these girls on the mat at the same time with him, he's rendered useless. He is face sat pinned, submitted over and over and verbally teased by the women who are beating his ass.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 01:34:33 ` 2240 Mb

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    Lauren Phillips
    "The Punisher" vs "The Hole Filler"

    Lauren Phillips is showing her A game today. She has levelled up since her last sex fight. Today she is taking on Indiana Bones in a competitive sex fight. Lauren is able to sweep Indiana and get on top all the meanwhile getting favor in the judges eyes with sexual aggression. She constantly tugs on Indiana's dick. Indiana has a weakness for this Tall, Lean Curvy red head. Lauren Plans on getting on top and filling her own hole with cum while she traps Indiana on the mats. But Indiana isn't the type of guy who is just going to roll over and take it. He uses every bit of mental strength not to cum. This round does go 3 full rounds. The winner dominates the loser with a mixed of rough sex and passion. The Loser is choke fucked and kissed and then cum is squirted on the loser crotch in a grand finale.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:39:05 ` 939 Mb

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    Brandi Mae
    "The Boulder" vs "Iron Balls"

    Jay West is so confident because he got one little win over Charlotte Sartre... big deal! Today, a beautiful muscle goddess, Brandi Mae is here to take vengeance on this guy who thinks picking on little goth girls is cool. Brandi Mae is "The Boulder" She is a rock hard MILF with huge muscles, huge tits and a huge juicy clit that she loves to smother men with. Jay West is the Only guy on our roster who allows ball busting in his matches so far and we take full advantage of his request to have it done. Unfortunately for Jay, Getting racked in the balls is a huge turn on for Jay. it makes his dick hard and renders his muscles useless as all the bloood moves to his dick and out of his muscle. But Jay fairs pretty well today against this muscle goddess. He is able to get on top and pin Brandi a few times and Brandi's clit is her own enemy. She has orgasm easily when her clit is touched and Jay figures this out and tries to get that instant victory by making her cum. The loser is fucked in the ass as a loser should be. Loser is made to worship muscles and orally please the winner. The loser is lift and carried off the mats and take home for the winner's personal pleasure.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:53:10 ` 1250 Mb

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    Alexa Nova, Arielle Aquinas, Bella Rossi, Charlotte Sartre
    Creampie Compilation

    Today we bring you a compilation of all of the greatest creampie endings we have seen here. The winner gets to do what ever he or she wants to do to the loser. One of the most humbling things a winner can to as a female winner is to drain your opponent of their seed whether they want it or not. For a Man, planting his seed inside his prize is the Ultimate victory. We have over an hour of footage of vaginal cream pies and one anal creampie ending for your enjoyment.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:59:03 ` 1380 Mb

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    Arielle Aquinas
    "The Reverend" vs "Notorious"

    Arielle Aquinas is showing some skill today. She is going up against Cody Carter who was a state champion wrestler in Ohio. But in sex fighting, sometimes focusing on wrestling puts your crotch and face in danger. Many time, Arielle is able to head scissor Cody and near choke him out. Cody is so turned on by the fighting spirit of this young beautify blonde freak, that he comes dangerously close to cumming in round 3 and losing this. This match is a nail biter. You must see this to believe it. One this is certain, this match is so close, the loser even thinks they win at the end. The loser flexes after making the winner cum but then the winner quickly reminds the loser of their spot. This match is a great display of sex fighting.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:46:07 ` 1080 Mb

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    Vanessa Vega
    "Taking Care of Business" vs "The Enforcer"

    Rick Fantana has an evil villain living inside of him and today that villain comes out to play. Rick loves dominating beautiful women. Today we bring him a fresh edgy girl with long hair, all natural tits and some really beautiful ink. Vanessa Vega is a rising star here. She may be small but she is feisty. She puts everything she has into this sex fight. She emotes a lot during this match and it's utter hot to hear her get so passionate while she wrestles. We have the making a real monster with this girl. These two grudge fuck each other in the prize round. It's hard to say who the real winner in all of this is today. Rick is on top, the Vanessa is on top, then they stand up and fuck then they lay day and fuck. These two fuck all over the place and it's an incredible display of power exchange. Winner has an orgasm on the loser's face.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:44:18 ` 1030 Mb

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